Stonebwoy – Shuga lyrics ft Benie man

Stonebwoy Shuga lyrics
Stonebwoy Shuga lyrics

Informer We No Watch Them
What A bam bam
Odo Yewu Ginger Me o
StreetBeatz O
Gimme Di Beat O
Skibi Di Bang.. Gimme Di Gimme Di
Bam Biggie Di (3x)

Hustle Fi Di Money
Work Fi Di Money
As You Dey Pray For The Money
Die For Money
Don’t Forget To Panana
As You Dey Shake Your Backa
For The Corner Na
You Dey Rise Up The Man Dem Banana
Buy One Get One Free For The Honour Na
Oo Ai..
Ei Beenie Man
We a Di Gyal Dem Shuga
Same Time A Di Gyal Dem Banana (3x)
Awo Ey3 O Waist Emi
Waist Ey3 Mi (3x)

Inna Me Dolce Me Gabbana
Every Gyal Say Me Hot Like Di Sahara
And This Pretty Girl Name Tamara
Gimme the thing so me score like a baller
She feel like a Virgin Madonna
Juice buss inna your belly A Nuh Damn Hammer
Beenie Man Me A Di Girl Dem Banana
Me Nuh Go A No Manaba
Say You A Gyalist And You Haffi Go a club Harder
Gyal Run Lef Her Man Come A Jamada
Gyal Travel From Africa To Canada
So Me Draw Fi Me Share Like A barber

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Wine it Up Fi Di King
Girl You No be Manikin
The Way You Hold Me Yeah
Make Me feel like You Do Me Medicine
Yeah, Go Go
Saka Saka Go Go
Bend Down Low
Go Go
Eshishi Tise Moko… Informer We Nuh Watch Dem
Water BamBam Odo Yewu
Ginger Me O
Informer We Nuh Watch Dem
Water BamBam
Odo Yewu Ginger Me O Oo O

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