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About WeDey

WeDey is a culture-forward online marketplace that enables people around the world to fully engage with each of the 54 African countries. Customers can discover, shop, and purchase ANYTHING they can think of from ANY African country, and have it delivered to their doorstep in just a few days (barring customs restrictions). 

Customers also have access to culturally rich content that helps them learn about each country for free!

WeDey Categories

Discover, Shop, and Purchase Any Product

Learn about each of the 54 Countries

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Our Story

After over 14 years at Instacart (pre-IPO), Meta, FedEx, and other Fortune 500 companies our founders decided to tackle a major problem they have been extremely passionate about – the lack of economic opportunity to match the accelerating population growth in African countries. This is a problem near and dear to the founders’ hearts as they all hail from different African countries. They are committed to helping bridge the gap between African communities and the rest of the world through commerce and rich cultural experiences.

Our founders are leveraging their experiences from the logistics, retail, and tech industries to build WeDey into one of the most inclusive and profitable companies in the world. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make African culture, products, services, and experiences much more accessible to people anywhere around the world.

Our Values

Growth: We will remain humble, and will always seek to learn how we can improve the ways we serve our customers, partners, and communities. Additionally, we are committed to profitable and sustainable long-term growth for our shareholders. 

Respect: We will foster an inclusive environment where we treat each other, our partners, our customers, and the communities we serve with respect so we can all fully reap the benefits of our vision.

Integrity: We will always seek to align our values with our words, and our words with our actions so we can earn the trust of our employees, customers, and partners.

Perseverance: Our vision is bold, and we know there will be difficult times in our journey to fully attaining it. We will push through these difficult times knowing that it will be worth it in the end.

Love: We will always act with love for the work we do, the people we do it with, and the people we do it for. 

Current Job Openings

Head of Operations


Head of Technology


Country Manager

Lagos, Nigeria

Country Manager

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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